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Here is my latest project. The method is very similar to my felt elf but obviously I dress it in a ballerina’s tutu.


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^Okay if you remember, this was the inspiration^

Here are images of my elf ornament in progress.
[I’ll try to edit this with directions when I’m finished. Hopefully I’ll be able to make some patterns!]

What you need:

round wood bead [I used 25mm]

Flesh toned acrylic paint [I used Delta Ceramcoat  ‘santa’s flesh’]

paint brush

black art pen [for drawing face]

2 pieces of chenille pipe cleaner [beige or flesh tone would be best]

Your choice of felt colors [I used scraps of lime, red and green]

clear tacky glue

needle and thread [coordinate your thread with felt colors]

pom poms, jingle bells or other accoutrement

Gold cord for hanging

Here’s the finished elf, A little rough but I think he came out pretty cute! Still working on how to do patterns and directions!!

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Learn to make professional looking candy ornaments for your Christmas tree

If you like painting, you will enjoy making these scrumptious looking peppermint ornaments.


  • 3 1/2″ Paper Mache disk
  • All purpose sealer *
  • Acrylic paint – red & white
  • Pink paint – either fabric paint in a squeeze bottle or acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Thin ribbon
  • Clear cellophane

*Can be found where acrylic paints are sold

1) Paint the entire disk with all purpose sealer and let dry completely

2) Paint the whole ornament white.  It may be easier to paint one side and the edges, let dry and flip it over and paint the second side. Once completely painted, let dry thoroughly.

3) Using a pencil, draw very light lines on one side of the disk as pictured  below.  You will be drawing six curved lines.

Divide your peppermint ornament into 6 sections for painting

4) Once the lines are drawn on one side of the disk, continue them onto the side of the ornament. Then, draw the same lines onto the back but be sure they line up with the lines on the side.

5) You now have six sections on each side of the disk.  On one side of the disk, paint every other section red.  You will have a pattern of alternating red and white sections.  Let dry completely then continue the paint onto the corresponding side sections and then onto the other side of the disk.  Once dry, apply another coat of paint if necessary then let dry completely.

6) Paint white dots on the red sections.  An easy way to do this is to dip the end (not the bristle end) of a paint brush into white paint then touch it to where you want the dot.  Reload the paint after every one or two dots.  Paint a big white dot in the center of the peppermint where the swirls come together. Paint squiggly pink lines down the center of the white sections. Let both sides dry completely before continuing.

7) Cut a 9″ square of cellophane and wrap it around your peppermint cutting a small hole and threading the hanging string through the hole.  Gather the extra cellophane on both sides of the peppermint and tie each side with an 8″ piece of thin ribbon as pictured.

Learn to paint peppermint candy Christmas ornaments

Our green peppermint was made slightly different than the red and white one.  I made four sections each of green and white instead of three each.  While the green paint was still wet I sprinkled Glamour Dust (a very fine glitter) on it then made a big red dot in the middle of the ornament and little red dots on the white and finally tied the cellophane with gold ribbon.

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elf ornaments

[Here are a couple of craft projects mined off of the net. Above is a cute ornament I found a picture of on Flickr, I will try to come up with directions on how to make it when time permits!! There should be links back to the original sites on all the photos, if not please let me know because I believe in giving props to those who have created all the little lovelies I find!!]

Activa Elf Ornament This little guy will add a touch of holiday whimsy to your tree. Designed by Jill MacKay

Activa Elf Ornament This little guy will add a touch of holiday whimsy to your tree. Designed by Jill MacKay

4” Roll of Rigid Wrap®

3 “ Styrofoam Egg

Red Glitter

Red Pom-Pom

Acrylic Paint: Red, Green, Peach and Black

Piece of Craft Cord- 6”



Container for Water

Plastic to Cover Workspace


Cut several strips of Rigid Wrap® (RW) of various sizes ranging from

½” to 1 ½”, Cut one 8” long strip.

Make a loop with the cord and have the cord ends facing each other,

lying next to each other. Using smaller pieces of RW to secure the ends

of cord to top of egg. Then continue on and cover the entire egg with a

layer RW. For hat band, cut the 8” piece of RW in half length-wise.

Next fold the piece in half length-wise, dip in water and place around

head (egg) and smooth. For ears and nose scrunch up a wet piece of

RW and shape with finger tips, press in place, and smooth.

Hang to dry.

Paint head and face while holding hat, let dry.

Paint hat while holding face, let dry.

Trim hat band with glue and glitter let dry.

While hanging glue pom-pom to top of hat.

Let dry

Tip: Make a place to hang your ornament at your workspace,

so it can hang to dry in-between the different steps

Felt Elf Christmas Ornament

Red Felt; 4″ x 7″ piece

Green Felt; 4 1/2″ x 2″ piece

Flesh colored felt: 3 1/2″ x 9″ piece

One 10mm bell

One 5mm pink pom-pom

Two black glass E beads

Tacky glue

Small amount Polyester Fiberfill (stuffing)

8″ piece of elastic thread or crochet thread

Powdered blush

Ultra fine tip black permanent marker

Needle & thread

optional:  sewing machine and gold glitter glue

or fabric paint in a squeeze bottle

Trace and cut out two hat pieces from red felt.

Trace and cut out one collar piece from green felt and

trace and cut out two heads from flesh colored felt.

Pin the two head pieces together and sew around the

face close to the edge leaving the top section opened.

Topstitch around the ears.

Stuff the head with Polyester Fiberfil (stuffing).

Only the face will be stuffed – the ears will not get stuffed.

Then, sew the opening at the top of the head closed.  Set aside.

Pin the two hat sections together and stitch the two sides

close to the edge leaving the bottom edge opened.

Right side out the hat and place it on top of the elf’s head.

Stitch in place.

Fold down the top of the hat as pictured and tack

in place with a couple of stitches on the back side of the ornament.

Sew a bell to the tip of the hat.

Hand-stitch the collar to the lower portion of the head.

Brush powdered blush on the cheeks of the elf.

Sew the two black beads on for eyes.  Glue the pink

pom-pom on as the nose and using the permanent marker,

draw a mouth.

Thread a piece of elastic thread or crochet thread

through the back of the elf’s hat using a needle with

an eye large enough to pass the thread through.

Remove the needle and tie the ends in an overhand knot.

This will be your ornament’s hanger.

Optional:  Personalize your ornament by writing the recipients

name on the collar using the glitter glue or fabric paint in a squeeze bottle.

linked to original directions

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Here is a photo of one of my Christmas projects.
Handmade polymer clay ribbon candy ornaments. Our tree is in the process of becoming a candy theme and these make me remember my Grandma (she loved ribbon candy and appropriately her birthday was on Christmas day!) These will eventually make their way to the bzlittlechristmaself.etsy.com site as soon as they are perfected and finished.

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Add a little sugar and spice to your Christmas tree this year with this adorable gingerbread couple ornament! Personalized with permanent black ink by our professional Bronner’s artists at no additional charge, this charming gingerbread couple ornament is sure to be a treasured keepsake with your loved ones for years to come. With sparkling glitter accents, this personalized gingerbread couple ornament is 4½” tall and crafted of clay dough. Comes ready to hang with a red ribbon.
14 characters/spaces allowed for names.
If you would like to order your ornament plain, please do not fill in the blank below. Please select the inset image for a view of this ornament without personalization.Personalized Gingerbread Couple Ornament

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I have other ‘gingerbread’ ornaments I’m working on but these were my first few. Finished but missing hangers. I can’t wait ’til I get to the snowflakes!

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