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New Christmas Blog!

While laying in bed I had the idea for a new Christmas blog. This one will remain exactly the way it is; the new blog is called “Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come-Reviving the Spirit of Christmas”. I hope to examine what happened to the sense of wonder that used to surround Christmas and how we might rekindle it in our own families and communities. There used to be an electric charge in the air, people were filled with good cheer, even when out shopping. Now that is different. I worked in retail management and I’ve seen it first hand. There still are merry, wonderful people out at Christmastime, but they are fewer and farther between! Thus the reason for the new blog. Less warm and fuzzy on the surface but hopefully it will become a tool to help us change our world for the better and revive the true giving spirit of Christmas by changing ourselves and our place in it.


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