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Woodland Ornaments Trio Naturalistic Blown Glass Ornaments Boxed Set of 3 ~ Made in Germany As if brushed by the first light frost of Autumn, this trio of sparkling, ice-crystal accented glass figurals are wonderfully naturalistic accents to use as Thanksgiving decorations as well as for Christmas. This assorted set of three mouth blown glass ornaments was made in Germany especially for Blümchen. Mushroom and acorn are both 2" high, pine cone is 2½" high.

I stumbled upon this shop while looking for glass diamond dust glitter [yes they do carry it!] Especially great if you love Old World Christmas Ornaments! Here’s the link: Blümchen’s Christmas Shop

Sparkling Tinsel Stars ~ Old-Fashioned Lametta Sterne Each package has 5 stars which are 3 1/2" wide If you could reach up into the heavens and gather a galaxy of bright stars for your tree.... our metallic filigree stars have a delicate appearance which is so pretty when tucked amidst the branches of your tree. Made of rare, colored Lametta tinsels, this is our final offering as the German firm which created them closed in 2003.


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I’m so excited! I’ve been looking for just the right thing and this is what I decided on
(and Santa told me he would use it on all the baby’s Christmas gifts until whenever!)
I love it!

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Here’s a photo of all my supplies for the upcoming Christmas season! There will be some stamping, ornaments, a cookie plate for Santa. I don’t know what I’m doing with the ribbon, I just thought it was cute!! I have other supplies but they wouldn’t fit!! I’ll post photos when I finish something!

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